Presenting, Hands Down, the Funniest Video I Have Ever Seen on YouTube.

Where are my doggo lovers at?  This is funnier than “AAHHH.”  Funnier than “Funny Dancing.”  Now the subject matter is anything but funny, vandals destroying mailboxes, so you might be shocked at what comes out of the blue, but I laughed for 20 minutes.

I don’t know if they made this happen on purpose, or if it was a quirk of rushed editing, but please invest the 1 minute 20 seconds or so into this hilarity.

Trust the Claw.

I bring you this because I think all of us need a good belly laugh.

I hope you enjoy.

My situation is less funny.  My wife is nearing dialysis, my mother-in-law is terminal, and I am headed back to specialists.  So-

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