Moms For Liberty Speaker and Wife of Marine, Allegedly Calls for Public Execution of the President

Normally, like the death threats against me, I gloss over these things.  I run into all kinds of anonymous talk doing research on Twitter, and while I dutifully notify the appropriate authorities, I understand they don’t have the resources to jump at the sound of every creaking door.  However, this case is different, and I feel it warrants your attention.  I feel it warrants everybody’s attention.  She is not a run of the mill extremist as she is married to a Marine.

This woman promotes herself as a “political provoker” and “Governments biggest fear” according to a Facebook page said to be under her control.

I only use the term allegedly to protect myself, as I never assume social media posts are not in some way altered, as a matter of liability, until it has been independently verified.  But by the available evidence, along with the fact she locked her social media, it doesn’t look good.

I want to make absolutely clear that this is a screenshot of a post allegedly made by Layton, and not the original so I can not independently verify its authenticity thus again, use of the word, “allegedly.”

This is also, again, allegedly, not the first time the University of North Texas graduate has made such statements.

This is said to be from Discord.

She is also believed to be the person who started the false tuck claims against Target and initiated the boycott movement.

This site posts what it says is her Discord account that looks to be a sludge pit of bigotry, so much so I will only link, but not post the alleged screenshots.

Now ordinarily I roll my eyes at this sort of lunacy, but like I said, her husband is said to be Ryan Layton, stationed at 29 Palms, California.  While I am in no way accusing Mr. Layton of the engaging, planning, or initiation of misanthropic acts, the fact is that there is a different approach and urgency level when the potential threat has any connection to the military.

At the very least her husband can expect to be restricted in career advancement, if not dismissed entirely, if these posts are proven to be connected to Ms. Layton.

This is an extremely serious situation, as at the least, Ms. Layton is accused of stochastic threats against President Biden, if not an outright direct threat, however I am not qualified to make that assessment.

I am sure the Secret Service is.

And I truly look forward to hearing about their visit with these two.

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