What You Get When You Join: My Heart. My. Blood. My Sweat. My Tears. That is My Promise.

It is true that each person that signs up to this humble newsletter helps to feed my family.  Absolutely.  But it is also true that everytime I see a new sign-up, my heart leaps with the joy of having a new relative in our growing family.  It makes me feel that I am one person closer to accomplishing my goals of achieving the change we need.

It hurts to lose a subscriber too.  I take it personally.  “Did I not write well enough?”  “Did I fail to make them see how important the subject is?”  And so I write even more, with even more effort, and dedication, day after day, and yes, sometimes night as well.

Like last night.  I did not sleep last night.  I saw images from Allen, TX that Alzheimer’s itself will never delete from my mind.  And so I do what I always do, I use my voice.  I cry out in pain, looking to connect with others suffering with similar pain, to heal, to relate, and to eventually, make change.

This nation is a mere kitten in the context of the age of other nations.  We might be a superpower, however at only nearly 247 years old, we are barely weaned off formula.

And it shows.  We are still learning how to be the people I know we can be.  I don’t expect perfection.  I expect direction.  I don’t expect utopia or Nirvana on earth.  But I expect each and every one of us to be the change we seek.

When you sign up to be part of the Claw Family, you sign up because together we are the political earthquake.  And what do I promise, as the Captain of this ship?

I promise my heart, sweat, tears, and if need be to protect others, my blood.  Just like my Grandpa did over 80 years ago, just like so many have that came before me.  I promise to lead this fight with fervor, and vigor, and fire for each day I draw breath.

And if you do sign up, and join the family, then you have my promise that you will be treated like family.  You will have emails answered.  You will have phone calls returned.  You will have a place to vent, or tell your story.  You will have someone in your corner.

And this someone with claws who will scratch and push for every inch of progress I can get, will scratch and push for you.  I will be there when your landlord is unfair.  When your boss harasses you.  When you can’t sleep at night because the collection of images drown out any semblance of peace you once had.  When those times come, I will be there.

I will be your friend.  I will be your family.

I will be your voice.

That is my promise.

-Todd (Rule of Claw)

1 thought on “What You Get When You Join: My Heart. My. Blood. My Sweat. My Tears. That is My Promise.”

  1. Thank you–not a big enough word. I’m so tired of having to tell children bad news. To help them both love and grow beyond their parents who aren’t really adults–just big people; dysfunctional often traumatized “grown ups”.
    We can lead–all of us–to something better. From the front, the back and the middle. So thanks for standing up and speaking your truth.
    May my heart lift and carry the traumatized child as long and as far as they need to carry themselves.

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