If the President’s Debate Was So Awful Explain This:

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Explain why he swayed more undecided Latino voters in a Univision focus group.  Yes, that really happened.  He really managed, through his “awful” performance, to win over 6 of 7 who decided using his tell the truth approach.  Seems kinda important.



If the President’s performance was so terrible, why does Jennifer Palmieri, an insider’s insider, tell us this about her own data from the debate?


Jennifer Palmieri
Been getting readouts of focus groups of undecideds. Kind of status quo results – about 40 percent end with Biden, about 40 percent end up with Trump and 15 percent for third party. It may be that voters saw what they exepected to see tonight and doesn’t change race at all.
If the President’s performance was so awful, how come out of all the debate polling done by CNN, in a Republican leaning sample, we get this:
Roughly equal shares of Biden and Trump supporters – about 3% of each – say the debate had changed their mind. Larger shares of those supporting other candidates say that the debate had changed their minds. Among debate watchers who said pre-debate that they hadn’t chosen a candidate or were open to changing their minds, 9% said that the debate had changed their minds, and 25% were reconsidering.
Nobody gained some huge sea change from last night’s debate, but the idea that it was some sort of Hindenburgesque disaster is gaslighting.

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