Who Coulda Guessed?  Republicans Prepare Plan to Politically Self-Destruct, Oust McCarthy


Well this wasn’t at all predictable:

Hard-line Republican lawmakers threatened to exact revenge for a deal between the White House and GOP congressional leaders to avert a catastrophic US debt default, with one conservative saying he plans to force a vote on House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s ouster.Representative Dan Bishop of North Carolina said McCarthy “capitulated” to Democrats and he plans to trigger the formal process to remove the speaker. The “motion to vacate has to be done,” he told reporters.He declined to answer questions on whether he would seek to mount his challenge before Wednesday’s scheduled debt-limit vote, leaving unclear whether it would upend the House’s plan to act on the deal. “Every course of action is available,” he said.

Politics is compromise, two-year olds know this.  More importantly, voters know this and expect this of adults.

The problem is two-year olds have more maturity than most Republicans.  When McCarthy sold himself to secure the Speaker’s Gavel, he had to have known he was making deals with people who write angry letters to candy companies when they put out characters wearing shoes they don’t like.

(Seriously, that happened.)

Outrage I say.  OUTRAGE!  Homelessness, poverty, disease, inflation, black children being gunned down by cops who apparently don’t realize they are not in a video game, but shoes.

This is what conservatism is now.

Now we are faced with once again, the Democrats having to be the adults in the room hoping they can find five non-lunatics on the other side of the aisle less willing to drive the economy off a cliff than their counterparts.

And I am not so sure.

Watch this space.

And pop some popcorn.



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