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  1. I am a film producer/director and I completely agree with your assessment of the movie business. High-quality low and mid-budget films are under siege, and getting attention for them so they can become profitable is becoming nearly impossible. My own film is a case-in-point: “The Misadventures of Mistress Maneater” is a Rom-Com with deeper reflections of feminism, toxic masculinity, gay rights, forgiveness, self-actualization, and even art history. The film has glowing reviews from across the world, and yet, getting traction with audiences has been supremely challenging. The world needs more films that compel conversation and hold a mirror up to ourselves and the way we collectively think, and there is no better medium than film to do so. And while CGI-driven narratives like the Marvel Universe can be well-done audience pleasers, audiences will always appreciate and support well-done lower budgeted entries as long as the quality is there. With the impending downfall of brick-and-mortar theaters, getting eyes on quality work is just going to get harder and harder, and that’s the real shame.

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