BREAKING: Prosecutors Say More Voter Fraud In Florida Uncovered! Yep-It’s The Villages!

It always amuses me when I see accusations of voter fraud, because it is almost always Republicans being accused.  In this instance, the political leanings of the suspect are not identified, but like the most of the others, he fits a profile of being a Northeastern transplant, a senior, white, and perhaps most importantly, from The Villages.

 A fourth resident of The Villages has been arrested as part of an ongoing investigation into voter fraud.

Charles Franklin Barnes, 64, was booked into the Sumter County jail Tuesday night on a charge of casting more than one ballot in an election, a third-degree felony punishable by up to five years in prison. Barnes was later released from custody on a $2,000 bond, records show. Court records detailing Barnes’s alleged crime were not immediately available.

Voter registration records show Barnes was not affiliated with a political party in Florida when he voted in the 2020 election.Barnes was also registered to vote in his original home state of Connecticut in 2020, records show.  Three other residents of The Villages have also been arrested recently for allegedly casting ballots in both Florida and their original home states.

So what does it really mean?  It means I am beginning to wonder just how red Florida is, and just how prevalent this scheme, if proven, may have been.  How would it have bene organized?  Was Facebook used?  Was it an ongoing production in 2020?  Is it still going on?  The bottom line is one or two in one area could be considered isolated.  Four in the same area?  This needs to be investigated.


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