Congressperson Sean Casten, D, IL-06: Republicans’ Own Rule Makes Trump Ineligible to be Speaker.

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I should note, that soon Ringling Brothers returns with a revamped circus sans animals.  It is a shame the Republican House extremists are doing so much to upstage hard working performance artists, by acting like, performance artists.  Now to the point:

In more detail:

Rep. Sean Casten (D-Ill.) gave his Republican colleagues a reminder of Rule 26, which was adopted in January and states that any GOP leader indicted of a felony with a potential prison sentence of two years or more needs to step aside:

A self-described center right pundit has opinions as well..

The questions are, could Republicans waive their own rule?  Would they?  If you are asking me if they can, probably.  Would they?  They just deposed the Speaker because he dared to not burn down the economy in a twisted attempt to “own liberals” and cater to MAGA.  Kevin McCarthy is no moderate.  But his political crime of not being completely certifiable was a bridge too far for extremists.

Going forward there is no incentive whatsoever for any Republican to pursue the role, when only complete fealty to extremism is acceptable.

A cat, eyes closed, enthusiastically licking a torn pizza wrapper.

In other former guy news, Trump pulls a “Jeff Spicoli” at his trial.

You might remember the character of Jeff Spicoli from the 1982, “Fast Times at Ridgemont High.”

In that movie, there is a famous scene where Jeff orders a pizza to the classroom, (delivered by a character played the late great, and underrated Taylor Negron) only to have Mr. Hand, played by Ray Walston, confiscate the pizza to share it with the class.

Well Monday it seemed that Trump just could not do enough needling of the system, and brought his favorite artery clogging cuisine to the court.

Donald Trump reportedly called in a massive McDonalds order to court on Monday, with TMZ capturing staffers in dark suits carrying six large brown bags from the fast food chain into the New York courthouse where Trump is on trial. Trump’s love of the Golden Arches is well-documented, with the former president calling in an order of $5,500 worth of grub from fast food restaurants—most of which was from McDonalds—to feed the Clemson University football team in 2019 when they visited the White House. He also dined on some of the iconic chain’s food when he was recovering from COVID-19, ordering his favorite meal—a Big Mac, Filet-o-Fish, fries and a vanilla shake. Prior to Monday’s big lunch, Trump was reportedly berated in court with accusations that he lied for decades about the value of his properties. The civil suit could cost Trump as much as $250 million after a judge ruled he was liable for fraud.

Hey eat how you like.  However, if this diet is reciprocated with any kind of frequency, science tells us the results can be disastrous.  As we know, none too pleased with the antics of Trump, Judge Arthur Engoron slapped him with a gag order after doxxing Judge Engoron’s clerk.

Trump himself appears to either be ignorant or indifferent to a Cardinal rule of litigation:

“Thou shall not agitate the court clerk.”

Anyone who has ever had a speeding ticket and needed a continuance knows this is true.

But that applies to someone driving a vehicle.

Not a nation, crazy.


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