Covid Has Overrun Our Apartment Complex And Likely Me. “Hit By A Truck” Is What “Mild” Feels Like

catwithmask.jpgOur apartment complex is a series of buildings, and in mine, Covid has wedged its way onto the lease.  We are all sick and isolating.  I have a range of symptoms, low grade fever, scratchy throat, unable to ambulate, keep food down or stop sweating.  At first I thought it a flu, then I talked to my next door neighbor.  She is dealing with much worse.  Low oxygen, hoarsey cough, can barely move.

She is a 70 year-old nurse that is not boosted.  My whole family is boosted.  I have a confirmation test scheduled tomorrow but so long as my fever does not spike and my oxygen does not drop, I am not going to overreact and burden the healthcare system.  In other words I will monitor closely and hope the booster does its job.  I can tell you two things with a high degree of certainty, given my numerous health challenges:

1.  Had I not been vaccinated I could well be dead, seriously.  I say this because even writing this with the help of my wife feels like trying to move a mountain.  I can’t lift anything, even a toilet lid easily, which is bad because my stomach has a spring in it right now.

2.  “Mild” is a relative term.  Mild is something akin to feeling like you have been hit by a truck.  Now I will allow the possibility this is a flu, because I pursue facts not conjecture, but confirmed Covid is all throughout the building.  

How did this happen?  In my case it is likely because I interacted with my neighbor before she was sick but still contagious.  But the complex sponsored a Holiday party with no mask requirements earlier this month, and many people from that are reporting ill.  We went, but ate outside, and did the whole lift the mask cover the nose thing while eating.

Another thing to consider is if the “Omicron” is mild crowd goes around saying its nothing more than a bad flu, they apparently have never had a bad flu.

I have.  Say that for whatever reason it turns out everyone in my building has Covid but for some strange reason I picked up a flu, which of course I also vaccinate against.  I promise you, this is not mild.  Constant cold sweating, nausea, raw throat, headache, body aches like I am being used as a ping pong ball on a football field, a complete inabilty to concentrate.  The list goes on.

I am well familiar with these symptoms having dealt with them before.  This would be my 2nd go-round with Covid.  But that is something else people are failing to understand-I could get through this, then another variant could come along and hit me again.  I can only take so many punches.

But we are full of sick bastards in this country who think this is ok, to protect the economy, or create herd immunity, when we don’t know what this thing is capable of.

“Mild” Omicron has the potential to kill hundreds of thousands more.  It is moving with a speed that is unprecedented in virology history.  In the past week there have been two ambulances take tenants to the hospital.

Again, what I have to reiterate is I am boosted.  I am as protected as possible and feel like a delivery truck ran over my ambulatory function.  I already have long Covid, I am scared, literally, as to what is going to be left of my function after this bout.

But if it is this unpleasant for me, I fear the unvaccinated are going to be firewood for this variant.  Anyways I need a bit of time before I write some more here because I have to finish my newsletter and get some rest.  But I know what I am going to write about here next, and I will give you a preview-

I am in this fight for our country and planet until my last, loyal, BLUE breath.

That is a promise.

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