These are Actual Facebook Posts From Climate Deniers

Facepalm : r/cats

45 percent of this country really is that clueless.

This is from a private group so I can’t link it unless you are in it, but if you message me I can give you more details.  I promise you these are real.


“More CO2 makes plants grow which feeds more people and solves world hunger.”

“More Co2 means more plants grow. We’re almost at the minimum limit for plants to grow so more is better.”

“If we can raise the CO2 to a good level for plant growth, we can stop creating deserts and they will flourish with plants. For the longest time the planets forests were shrinking because there wasn’t enough carbon dioxide to allow growth.”


“let me say this slowly for the people in the back of the room, climate is and always has been changing. Nothing happening today hasn’t happened a thousand times over in years past and will continue to happen for many eons to come. You are an alarmist, plain and simple. Use just a tiny shred of common sense and you might understand this is all part of controlled chaos. The Earths climate is the perfect system of checks and balances. There is an exchange of energy from lower to higher latitudes and a net zero change. It is why we exist. Trying to convince people otherwise is just arrogant.”

“a tornado that would never have been recognized twenty years ago. Technology has changed the equation. Tens of thousands of tornadoes have developed in the past and went undetected. Especially F-0 tornadoes like the one you are hyping. We aren’t as gullible as you are assuming. We use something foreign to most liberals, common sense.”

Naomi- (Currently sporting a Banana Republic flag for her cover photo.

“after the shenanigans that STANFORD and these other “universities” pulled this year, I wouldn’t listen to much of anything they have to say. Their credibility needs to be repaired on so many levels.
Additionally…I remember being told a NUMBER of things when I was a kid that were going to do us in, from the ice age to the ozone layer. Fool me once shame on you. Fool me 3, 4, 5 times, no one believes you anymore. There’s science (psychology) in HOW MUCH someone will believe after they’ve been told things that don’t come to pass, especially more than once. Do a study on percentage of people don’t evacuate an area after being told a hurricane is coming….after they evacuated the fist time and nothing happened. I understand that prediction of hurricanes is near impossible and I personally wouldn’t choose to stay even if the 1st evacuation was wrong. But many would.”
This is every day.  All day.  Deny.  Insult.  Deflect.  It is exhausting.
Send help.


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