Donald J. Trump Tells Us Who He Is, Again.

My favorite thing to do

There is no easy way to put this, except to say that we live in a society where expectations for efficiency have risen exponentially.  We expect fast food, coffee, cars, and yes, prosecutions.  The wheels of justice, however, have always turned quite slowly, so much so that sometimes it is easy to forget that there is still an investigation.

Daily, and understandably so, frustration builds with the pace of investigations, particulary as it applies to Attorney General Garland.  His job, however, is not so easy to dissect.  Whereas most prosecutions are not of notable names, he is having to deal with looking into multiple potential instances of criminal misconduct with a former President.  Yes, he has two separate investigations ongoing, both with classified documents, and January 6th.

Now imagine, a man running for office who has criminal, not just civil, proceedings against him at the Federal level, and two different states.  This man is running for President.  If this were a comic book, one might assume his last name were Luthor.

Now it is harder even still, to imagine that this man would be in a position to have so much popularity still, that he could draw thousands to rallies for an election campaign that logic would say, seems unlikely to proceed, if for no other reason than said man would be in jail.

And it is harder even still, to imagine there is an attorney out there who would suggest that yes, technically, Trump could be elected but serve from prison, yes you read that correctly.

Dershowitz is a veteran attorney with a reputation for representing controversial clients. In addition to providing legal services in various capacities over the years for the likes of O.J. Simpson, Jim Bakker, and Jeffrey Epstein, he also served on the legal team for Trump during his first impeachment trial in 2020. Since then, Dershowitz has continued speaking out publicly in support of the former president.

During a Sunday interview with the conservative news channel, Newsmax, Dershowitz said he expects Trump will be indicted and convicted in New York City because of what he viewed as the city’s unfair legal system. He also added that Trump can still run for president and even serve in office from prison if convicted.

“He will be indicted,” Dershowitz said. “In New York, you can indict a ham sandwich. In New York City, you can convict a ham sandwich because the jury pool is so unfair. Even if he’s convicted, he can run for president. He can run for president from prison; he can even serve as president from prison.”


But even that is easier to digest than the debacle in Waco, TX where Trump has not only decided to embrace his role in January 6th, but use it as a “Remember the Alamo” type of rallying cry.

Former President Trump started off his first official 2024 campaign rally on Saturday in Waco, Texas, with a rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner” sung by a group of inmates that are incarcerated for their role in the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

The song, called “Justice For All,” features the defendants, who call themselves the “J6 Choir,” singing a version of the national anthem and includes Trump reciting the Pledge of Allegiance over the track. Trump stood with his hand over his heart as the song played and as images from the Capitol riot, in which Trump supporters stormed the complex to overturn the 2020 election, played on a screen.

True to MAGA form, it is topping ITunes.

it is hard to imagine a more forceful metaphorical slap to the mandible of Garland.  This is like if Dillinger introduced his own newsreels in a theatre.  Like if Capone had given tours of the garage.

This is an insult to every American concerned with democracy, and every investigator doing their jobs.  And it is bait.  Because Garland is, unlike Trump, a rational adult, he can’t react.  He can’t make this personal.  He has to sit there, take it, until which time he is convinced he has all he needs to move forward with an effective case necessary to procure justice.  And he has to endure this indignity, all the while many on the left accuse him of everything from weakness, to “making the call from inside the house.”

There is no evidence Garland is weak, or disinterested in justice.  There are all kinds of rantings, from all kinds of places, based on supposition and conjecture, and he, as an officer of the Federal government, can’t speak to any of it.  Imagine what his world is like, dealing with the nation’s most thankless job.

And Trump thumbs his nose, slaps justice in the face, all the while taking his merry band of MAGA on a fantasy ride.  We are all tired of it.

We are all fed up.  Nobody wants to hear the word “patience.”  I get it.

But justice requires it.  We get one shot to do this right.  But just remember, when it is Garland’s turn to punch back, and it will be soon, in my opinion, he will have a whole lot more in his fist than a video screen and Ted Nugent.

I am confident Garland will swing his legal hammer.  Once.  And once will be all that is needed.


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