This is Nightmare Fuel

Nightmare Fuel

This is nothing less than pure, unadulterated, nightmare fuel.  For decades now, I have dedicated what was left of my youth to being on the lookout for a rando commando.  The mall, the store, the park, even schools, sadly, have, as we all know, become soft targets for those with evil in their hearts.

Now the thing about that is, I can look for one of two things:  An out of place trenchcoat, or, something that looks like it belongs on the battlefield.  I can clearly take notice, then make whatever evasive maneuvers I need to, in such an event.  I at least have a chance to use my powers of observation to get myself out of harm’s way.  But yikes, this story out of Houston, perhaps the most dangerous city in the entire country now, is making me sweat, and not want to go, well, almost anywhere.

Well, it is fantastic the things are “hard to get, (buyers must pass rigorous background checks and pay a tax) and being Republican thrashed Texas, I will not be surprised if in a few days Greene, Gaetz, or Gosar start complaining about restrictions on freedumb, and gun rights, and tries to make them easier to come by.

But what are “Glock switches” exactly?


Well this is just not fair.  At least in the old west, you had a chance in the town square.  

Houston Police Chief Troy Finner recalled his fear watching video of the encounter: the gray sedan smashing into a fence, the driver emerging, and then the blur of automatic fire as the gunman unleashed a barrage of lead at three of his officers.  “It’s terrifying,” he said. “I’m terrified for our officers and also concerned for our citizens.”

The Jan. 28 shootout — which left three officers wounded — was the latest in a rising number of shootings police say criminals are committing with so-called “Glock switches,” nickel-size devices that allow trigger pullers to essentially turn legal, semi-automatic handguns into machine guns.

The practical effect is to allow your unfriendly neighborhood Yosemite Sam to shoot 30 rounds in 2.2 seconds.  Not good.  And a 50 round magazine can be emptied in 4.  Seconds.  1.  2.  3.  4.  Bang.  Just that fast, there can be mass casualties.

Where are they coming from?

But the proliferation in Glock switches now is due to a flood of the devices into the U.S. market from China, either smuggled into the country directly, or through Mexico, said Fred Milanowski, special agent-in-charge of the Houston Field Division of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. Agents have also seen a rise in 3D-printed switches, but those tend to be less durable than those manufactured more traditionally.


Now these things can be conveniently printed in one’s own home via 3D printers?  Why?

You know, for years, literal years, I have just been waiting for the machine that prints a cheeseburger on demand.  Maybe a milkshake.  I will even admit to a margarita.  Never once did I look at my printer, and think about using a future version of it to print a weapon.  What is wrong with humanity?

Why is it so determined to destroy itself, when so much technology could be used for good?  Law enforcement is faced with being outgunned a good percentage of the time, and I don’t think any cadet in the academy thought they were signing up for literal combat duty.

Pro tip, for Republicans, as this is a problem from Houston to the Twin Cities.  When it gets to the point that your police and first responders have to drive around in armored vehicles, your gun violence might have gone just a wee bit out of control.

That is not freedom at work, Republicans.

That is stupidity.

But I expect nothing better from a party that has become a weapon of mass dysfunction.


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